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As health care professional (HCP) you can find useful informations in regards to Systems, Accessories and Consumables plus different type of Services in the area of Surgical Neurophysiology / Intraoperatives Neuromonitoring (IONM) and Clinical Neurophysiology / EEG, EMG and EP.

We are a biomedical healthcare company and offer not just our Expertise, Know How, world-class products, but also rather comprehensive technical support and professional clinical  services.

Our portfolio consists of leading vendors such as Cadwell (USA), Neurovision (USA), Neurosign (UK/NL), which we represent on exclusively in our markets. Additional vendors especially in the area of disposables and accessories complement our portfolio.

Our technical service helps to run the equipment smoothly day by day. Our Professional Clinical Service in the field of Intraoperative Neuromonitoring is an important and growing field of our activities.

Our products and services are used in the field of Neurosurgery, Neurology, Intensiv care, Neurophysiology, Spine surgery and Orthopedics, Vascular surgery, ENT, Urology and other areas.

Our direct operations cover Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We collaborate with a wide network of independent partners and distributors.

This is what you can expect from us

Expertise and Know-How

We share our Know How and Expertise:

  • Training and Education
  • Inhouse Seminars
  • Neuromonitoring Workshops
  • Consulting


Our carefully selected portfolio of wordclass quality products from worldwide leading companies

  • Neuromonitoring Systems from Cadwell
  • Neuromapping Systems from Neurosign
  • Neuromapping Systems and Accessories from Neurovision
  • EEG and EP Systems from Cadwell
  • Accessories, Electrodes and Stimulator Probes

We represent these companies and products on an exclusive Basis for the markets in Germany, Austria  and Switzerland.

Clinical Service and Technical Service and Support

Nothing may replace the presence of a experienced Neurophysiologist or Neurologist in the operating room in order to perform Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Services.

Our Professional Clinical Neuromonitoring Service can be a serious alternative, if such ressources are simply not available:

  • Support in case of limited or no internal ressources
  • No Upfront Investment to have access to IONM
  • No or short training- and learn cycle of the entire surgery team (Surgeon, assistants, anesthesiologists, technicians and nurses)
  • Focus on and release of the surgeon
  • reliable and competent
  • available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • other regions on request

Our technical Service and Support helps to have the systems available every day.

  • Preventive Maintenance and safety checks Onsite
  • Repair and loaner systems if required
  • Telefon Support
  • Remote Support with TeamViewer

Just a selection of our portfolio


Neuromonitoring Cascade® IOMAX™

The all-new Neuromonitoring System Cascade® IOMAX™ sets new  standards and realizes requests and needs of tomorrow already today. IOMAX™ is a modular and multimodal Neuromonitoring Plattform for a wide range of applications in the area of Neurosurgery, Spinal surgery, Vascular surgery and others.

  • Modular Neuromonitoring Plattform from the US / worldwide market leader and specialist for any kind of product in the area of Neurophysiology.
  • 8 – 48 channels recording and a numerous quantity of  electrical stimulators
  • Many test and modalities predefined and easy to deploy
    • EMG, stimulated EMG, TCS MEP, SSEP, VEP, AEP, D-Wave, TOF, EEG with DSA, Direct cortical stimulator, Motor mapping, Speech Mapping, Threshold  Algorithm for Pedicel Screw test and Nerve Proximity testing
  • Innovative Solutions already available today:
    • TCS MEP with constant-current and constant-voltage-Stimulator
    • 9 channel Stim-Switch Matrix for TCS MEP
    • 12 channel Stim Switch Matrix for direct cortical stimulation (DCS) for Cranial  Mapping and direct subdural MEP
  • Intuitiv Software User Interface Surgical Studio
  • All functions and data sets managed by an integrated database
  • Fully integrated Remote Function
  • Fully integrated Cadwell Cadlink Server solution for easy and safe patient data management, HL7 connectivity, Scheduling and ressource management etc.

Just a selection of our portfolio

Accessories, Electrodes and Stimulators

Subdermal steril single use electrodes

  • available in different versions
  • Needle length of 13 mm, 18 mm or 22 mm
  • cork screw, straight or bended needles
  • cable length of 150, 200 and 250 cm available
  • Single, Dual twisted or multiple twisted needle sets are available
  • 20 different colors available
  • Connectors always 1.5 mm DIN 42802, touch proof
  • Steril, single use, Packages of 24 (single) oder 20 (twisted) Pieces

All our subdermal needles are available as MRI version

Subdermal paired Needle electrodes, fixed distance, Teflon coated

Paired twisted electrodes with needle fixed distance for recording of EMG signals

  • designed for recording of any EMG signal, perfect for  recording of face muscles / Facialis EMG signals
  • Fixed Needle distance of 2.5, 5 or 10 mm
  • Needle length of 13, 18, 25, 37 or 50 mm
  • Teflon coated till the tip of the electrodes
  • Needle angle of 30 or 90 degree
  • paired twisted cables with 150 cm
  • Connectors always 1.5 mm DIN 42802, touch proof
  • Steril, single use only, 10 pieces / Package

Designed as subdermal EMG electrode for any kind of muscle, but with the benefit of recording of specific muscle areas plus long needles to reach deeper muscles.

Scorpion® – Stimulated Surgical Instruments

Unique portfolio of reusable stimulated monopolar surgical Instruments and Dissectors available in different shapes and tips.

These products can help to make Neuromapping even more effective and allows proactive Neuromapping.

On request we also develop individual stimulated surgical Instruments according to individual specification.

DryTouch® – stimulated  Surgical  Suction-Instrument 

DryTouch® supports continuous and proactive Neuromapping by means of combining suction and stimulation in one instrument.

  • Shaft Lenght of 130 or 260 mm
  • Connectors 1.5 mm DIN 42802, touch proof
  • single use item
  • Steril, 5 Pieces / Package

Cobra® – Stimulated EMG Tube Electrode 

Cobra® is design to monitor Cranial  Nerve 10 and Reccurens Larynx Nerve.
The integrated EMG Tube Electrode has advantages for the correct placement and safe position of an EMG electrode in such applications.

  • 1 or 2 channel version
  • Tube diameter of 6, 7 or 8 mm available
  • Connectors 1.5 mm DIN 42802, touch proof
  • single use only
  • Sterile, 5 Pieces / Package

DragonFly® – Adhesive EMG Tube wrap around Electrode 

DragonFly® supports Monitoring of Cranial  Nerve 10 or  Reccurens Larynx Nerve.
This EMG tube electrode requires carefully placement and fixation around any anesthesia tube. This way, it is an less expensive alternative to the fully integrated Tube EMG Electrode design.

  • 1 or 2 channel version
  • Three sizes available with diameter of
    • 2 – 5.5 mm
    • 6.0 – 7.0 mm
    • 7.5 – 10 mm
  • Connectors 1.5 mm DIN 42802, touch proof
  • Single use
  • Sterile, 10 Pieces / Package

Single Use Stimulation Probes

Our portfolio of single use stimulated Instruments and Dissectors covers a wide range of application.

  • Monopolar, bipolar and tripolar Versions
  • Tip as needle, ball, concentric bipolar, bended or hooks
  • Connectors 1.5 mm DIN 42802, touch proof
  • Single use
  • Sterile, 5 Pieces / Package

Hook Wire Electrode 

This unique electrode design allows very selective recording of single muscle fibres in very specific locations such as face muscles.

  • Needle length for electrode placement of 30 or 50 mm
  • Needle diameter of 0.5 mm
  • requires Clip Electrode with cable and 1.5 mm DIN 42802, touch proof
  • Single use only
  • Sterile, 10 Pieces / Package

Sterile Crocodile clamp 

This sterile and single use Crocodile clamp allows to connect almost any (isolated) Instrument or Instrument set for electric stimulation.

  • Cable length of  250 cm
  • Connectors 1.5 mm DIN 42802, touch proof
  • available in red or black Color
  • Single use only
  • Sterile, 1 Piece / Package

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